Exciting news to share, our Allsaints Coffee Shop Manager Laura Dicken was awarded silver in the prestigious Salon Culinary Chef Competition!

Alongside managing AllSaints, Laura is also a patisserie student at Richmond College and entered the competition on behalf of the coffee shop to create a unique chocolate snack that could be sent in the post.

The competition was sponsored by Cacao Barry who kindly supplied all the chocolate. Laura put her own twist on the British classic teacake starting with a gooey chocolate brownie base, caramelised white chocolate and coconut cream ganache and homemade marshmallow fluff all encased in a tempered chocolate swirl dome.

You may not see this intricate cake appearing on the menu anytime soon, but Laura has been training up our team of young people to create a selection of homemade treats including chocolate brownies, cookie bars, caramel shortcake, rocky road and the very popular chocolate caramel tiffin – enjoy!